buying and clearances

We are always on the lookout for new stock and buy from a variety of sources, including auctions, reclamation yards, charity shops and even car boot sales.

We also get regular calls from customers who have something to sell, and we are always happy to have a look and provide a price to them if its something we feel that would fit in with our range. We also provide a partial clearance service of any items you may have if you are downsizing, or clearing a property for any reason. 

Whilst most clearance services will charge you to take everything away, we provide a more targeted approach where we will PAY you for the items we would like and take them away as part of the deal. You never know what we might be interested in, so it’s always worth a call and the money you could get from us may pay for the services needed to clear the rest of the items.

We’ll generally ask for photos and and idea of price first, so if you have anything you think might be of interest to us, or you’re looking to clear a property completely, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If it’s antique, mid-century or just plain interesting then it’s something we’d definitely love to have a look at.

Please note that we do not buy any upholstered items such as 3-piece suites, or newer items of furniture. Please always check with us first by phone or email about any items you may have.